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Trieu Du Bon Plastic Production Co. Ltd, which was officially founded in 2000, specializes in the production and trading of soft PVC plastic pipes mainly utilized in the irrigation field (irrigation pipes), piping tower, and a wide array of pipes of different sizes which serve production, construction and household uses. Our company also produces PVC films used to fix shapes, disposable PP glasses, 3-layer CPP and MCPP plastic films, and PA/PE nine-layer compound films.

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Thanks to modern equipment and professional production management team as well as highly experienced technicians, Trieu Du Bon Co. always guarantee punctual shipment, high-quality products, and reasonable prices so as to best cater to our clientele’s diverse requirements.

Our highly specialized production phases, good sense of responsibility and diligent technical supervisors are all meant to create products with stable and identical quality.

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Apart from investing heavily in machinery, technology and upgrading our facilities and premises in observance of food safety criteria, Trieu Du Bon Co. has always made sure its employees receive training on a continual basis, and strictly comply with quality inspection procedures. Particularly our company also applies the ISO 9001-2008 quality system in managing product quality in a bid to ensure highest quality and satisfy domestic, international clients and reinforce our brand name.

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Client trust over the past years is a huge source of encouragement to our entire staff and our company’s development.

We promise that we will make ceaseless efforts to perfect and further develop our products to be deserving of our clients’ trust.

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CPP & MCPP Plastic Films, 9-layer Plastic Films + Plastic Bags
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