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Trieu Du Bon Plastic Production Co. Ltd was quick to operate in line with Vietnam’s integration trend into the global economy, and develop the production scale in compliance with the strategic decision on socio-economic development for the 10 first years of the 21st century: the strategy to speed up industrialization.

sanh tiep tan

The great reception lounge 

gioi thieu nha may

A panorama of Trieu Du Bon Co.

Before achieving today’s success, Trieu Du Bon Plastic Production Co. went through four typical development periods as follows:

• The 2000-2001 period

This is the first milestone to our company’s growth. Our company constructed a plant on an area of 10,406 square meters at Tan Tao Industrial Zone, which is fully capable of developing a larger production scale and fitting approximately 100 staff members’ long-term working conditions.

xuong san xuat

• The 2001-2005 period

Promptly acting on the increasingly rising demand for PVC plastic films, which are used for fixing product shapes in the printing field, crafting educational items and decorative lanterns, our company invested in another PVC assembly line to quickly cater to a shortage of supplies on the market. As for shape-fixation PP films, our company is among the pioneers in investing in a PP filming machine adopting the European technology.

Especially in 2002, Trieu Du Bon Plastic Production Co. officially produced soft PVC plastic tubes at the new factory on the tube production lines adopting European and Taiwanese technologies. T he soft PVC tubes’ premium quality, which is evident in high durability, eye-catching colors, and the production name and number of meters printed on the tubes’ length, have benefited clients more.

• The 2006-2007 period

Trieu Du Bon Plastic Production Co. invested in a European technological line for the production of 3-layer compound CPP films, and Vacuum-Plasma Plating technology from the United Kingdom to produce different kinds of MCPP items necessary for the advanced compound packaging sector.

may ma nhom 2

Aluminum plating machine adopting the technology from the United Kingdom

Also within this period, the company invested in another five shape-fixation assembly lines which cater to demands for disposable PP glasses, with the capacity of turning out more than three million items per day.

LyNhua 2

Machines producing disposable plastic glasses

• The 2010-2013 period

While finding out about applications of 9-12 layer compound packaging, our company realized that a number of packages have decisive impact on the quality of its contents. No technology for producing multi-layer plastic films which met highest preservation requirements regarding the freshness of meat, fish, plants and medical items was available in Vietnam back then.

• The 2013-2014 period

Trieu Du Bon Plastic Production Co. made a bold decision to invest in the 9-12 layer technology from Canada. This multi-layer creating technology has thus turned out packaging products which stand out from others regarding its efficiency in preserving clients’ products.

Mang Da Lop 2

A Multi-layer plastic film machine with Canadian technology

In addition, our company wishes to satisfy all clients’s most fastidious demands regarding preserving products with properties in oxy barrier (O2TR), steam (WVTR), fully retaining fresh produce’s quality, processed products’ distinctive flavors or protecting medical items against the escape or intrusion of microorganisms in observance of the medical sector’s preservation requirements, with preservation duration ranging from one month, three months to six months or more based on clients’ demands.

Spanning a long establishment and development process, Trieu Du Bon Plastic Production Co. has grown into one of the strong corporations in the plastic industry in general, and in the packaging plastic industry, in particular.

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