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Differences between plastic packaging and compound packaging in production

Plastic packaging and compound packaging are both the most commonly used packaging types at the moment.

However, many people still confuse one of these two packaging types with the other, which has led to undesirable choice of product packaging. To help people grasp the characteristics of these two packaging types, we will mention typical traits as well as advantages of each of the two packaging types in the following writing.


What is plastic packaging?

Plastic packaging is made from plastic, which is not avaible in nature and is thus man-made. Its properties include lightness, water-proofness and relative durability. Nowadays to create safe packaging, different types of pure plastic particles extracted from kerosene have been used.

Each of the types have their own characteristics and properties but in general there are such types as PE (Polyethylene), PP (polyrpopylen), PVC (Polyvinylchloride), PC (Polycarbonat), PET (Polyethylene terephthalate).

PE: transparent, slightly opaque, smooth surface, supple, soft, can protect against steam and air which can easily damage in contact with strong detergents such as alcohol or perfume essence, etc.

PP: Its dominant properties include mechanical durability, relative hardness and sturdiness. It’s particularly not prone to stretching but is easy to be torn off in case of a bit or hole. PP allows printed words and details to be of high quality and clear, and protection against oxygen, water and oil.

PVC: rather hard and are virtually no longer used as packaging. It is only used for plastic appliances.

PC: transparent, highly mechanically durable, hard and sturdy, corrosion-proof. It is immune to food ingredients, can withstand high temperatures but is less able to protect against air and water penetrability than PP. It is quite expensive and thus is quite limited in use.

PET: this particle can produce bottles with high durability, anti-tearing and shock-proof and very hard and extremely durable.

What is compound packaging?

Compound packaging is also fully known as compound film packaging, which is compounded from films with different structures. These plastic films fit into one another to bring about premium packaging products. This combination is meant to eliminate their disadvantages and advantages and make packaging reduce penetration better and stay soft and supple, ect
Compound films are divided into two categories:

Internal structure compound films and printed films.

Materials for printed films include OPP, PET, PA, CPP, while ingredients of Internal structure compound films are usually CPP, LLDPE, AL (aluminum), MCPP, MPET.

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